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New Jersey Document Retrieval Services

Retrieve Documents Now From Any Courthouse in NJ

We specialize in speedy retrieval and delivery

of local, state, and federal court documents.

What is Document Retrieval?

Document retrieval is the process of obtaining legal court documents by searching court records and database to locate relevant documents and evaluate results according to relevance. Commonly retrieved legal documents include: 




Our expert staff performs this task with efficiency and professionalism by conducting thorough document retrieval to locate the required legal documents from any state, federal, civil, bankruptcy or criminal case filed anywhere in the United States.


To begin service, please submit the form below or email your request together with the name and address of the court, docket number and requested documents to

Our clients save valuable time and resources by utilizing our efficient services. Our professional staff will diligently work on your request and get you the documents you need as soon as possible. Many court document requests are fulfilled within 1-2 days. For more information on document retrieval solutions or to request our help with retrieving documents, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail. 

  • Docket Sheets  

  • Complaints 

  • Answers  

  • Opinions 

  • Briefs

  • Affidavits

  • Decisions

  • Orders

  • Pleadings

  • Judgments

  • Motions 

  • Transcripts 

Disclaimer: Please note the court copy costs will be added in addition to the service fee. Your request will be submitted to the court the same day your payment is received. Courts have various processing times to produce the documents and sometimes the records are in archives which requires additional processing time. Every efforts will be made to retrieve your documents by your requested deadline, however, there are factors beyond our control which may delay the production of the documents. 

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