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Property inspections and occupancy inspections happen at the beginning of the foreclosure process.  Unlike a home inspection that happens at the end of a property purchase.


Why does a property inspection occur?

  • The bank or lender needs to verify the condition of the property and/or building regardless if it is commercial or residential;

  • This type of inspection is primarily focused on the exterior of the building and its occupants; 

  • Abandonment of property and lack of TLC.









At We Serve NJ, our property inspectors make sure to access the building, speak with residents, verify inhabitants of the building and its owners, rental amounts and obtaining a copy of the lease.


The process of property and occupancy inspections in foreclosure are vital for the bank or lender in deciding how to proceed as well as notifying the appropriate party in the event of a foreclosure.



We Serve NJ operates around the clock and are available to handle your time-sensitive requests. If you are in need of an inspection, contact us today. 


Foreclosure, Property Inspection

Foreclosures: Property and Occupancy Inspections

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