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Serving Divorce Papers in New Jersey: Initial Stages

The decision has been made, you and your spouse have decided to part ways and get dissolve your marriage. The preliminary stages of filing for divorce can be an emotional time. During this time in your life, a trained process server can and will relieve the frustrating and emotional phase of initiating the divorce.

A divorce petition is the initial paperwork that is needed to be filed and served to initiate the divorce process. The petition normally includes a marriage license, birth certificates of spouses and children, if any, financial statements, property and vehicle registrations depending on the state rules and regulations in which the divorce is filed and outlines the marriage, and states any requests in the divorce, as well as the reason for pursuing a divorce in the first place.

A process server ensures a quick delivery and will file an Affidavit of Service with the court without your spouse’s signature and eagerness to comply. The affidavit of service is an approved and notarized testimony detailing the date, time, and manner in which the document was served.

Our process servers are trained in dealing with circumstances and personalities that can be evasive, uncooperative and/or displeased including knowledge in matters including assets, children and finances. With the legal process relying on your petition being served, trusting your paperwork in the hands of a professional process server is the fastest and easiest way to begin the legal divorce process.

Contact We Serve NJ LLC for your service of process needs at or call us at 800-637-1805 for assistance.

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