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Why Hire a Professional Process Server vs. The Sheriff's?

Service of process, or the notification prior to legal proceedings is significant to the success of any case. Service of process is essential to a court proceeding that without it, a case cannot proceed. It is put into place to protect the legal rights of all American citizens.

There are two options when you require service of process, the sheriff’s department or a professional process server.

Who would you prefer to deliver your legal documents?

Sheriff’s Department

  1. Being in law enforcement, an officer in the sheriff’s department is qualified to personally delivering your legal documents to the defendant. This undertaking is part of their legal duties.

  2. Easy to avoid the sheriff’s officers, who typically follow a predictable schedule on weekdays only.

  3. Visible vehicle and/or law enforcement uniforms give off a red flag for an elusive respondent.

  4. Busy officers are unlikely to attempt service multiple times to ensure legal documents are successfully served.

  5. Priorities and obligations of law enforcement officers can affect the time frame for service of process.

  1. Professional process servers have an expanded work schedule and work ethic to cater to their client’s personal requests. Expect prompt service within a matter of days or even hours.

  2. We provide our clients with personal attention in order to meet their legal service requirements. We are very diligent, make repeated service requests, and take the time to treat every legal matter with regard.

  3. Our staff consists of attorneys, former law enforcement officers, and highly experienced process servers nationwide. We take pride in our work and serve legal documents anywhere in the United States.

  4. We work hard for our clients, by providing superior legal services on a timely, effective, and efficient basis, and endeavor to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations with extensive experience in Service of Process, Skip Tracing, Notary Services, Executive Courier, Document Retrieval and Court Filings (including eFilings).

  5. Fast. Reliable. Professional

We Serve NJ LLC has grown over the years to become one of the most reliable and efficient services of process company in the industry. Our clients who range from pro se litigants to large law firms have come to depend on us to provide diligent service and most importantly to get the job done right the first time!

Please contact We Serve NJ for your service of process requests, nationwide at or call us at 800-637-1805 for assistance.


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