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New Jersey Service by Publication

Service by publication may be permitted in New Jersey by a judge’s order once a legal action is initiated against a defendant that is being evasive to accept the legal documents in person or by mail. Notice of publication is commonly used in divorce actions to serve divorce papers to a spouse who cannot be located. This process refers to official notification published in a routine newspaper and referred to as Service by Publication.

This service of process method gives constructive notice to an intentionally absent or invasive defendant. Constructive notice assumes that the defendant receives the notice even when not delivered in person. The court considers publication effective whether or not it is read by the defendant. The notice must be published in the newspaper more than once and within a 30-day time frame, then the service is considered complete.

There are three methods of delivering service of process in New Jersey which are personal service, substitutive service and service by publication. The most important step in proceeding with a court action is hiring a New Jersey Process Server to attempt personal or substitute service. Process servers are trained, have the skills and experience to serve your legal documents in timely manner and, most importantly, serve them in accordance with the local and state process serving laws.

Contact We Serve NJ LLC for your service of process needs at or call us at 800-637-1805.


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